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I Am Still Jack's Inflamed Sense of Rejection

18 June 1982
I was born in Chicago. I am an only child. My parents are divorced. I went to Catholic school for eleven years. I like roleplaying and warm temperatures. Yes, I realize that was random, but I hate snow. I should run away to Hawaii and live on the beach. I have one piercing and a tattoo. I am the assistant to a French pastry chef. I love the city. I have an irrational fear of rural areas. I love dogs more than any other animal (maybe even people, perhaps excluding penguins). I dropped out of the University of Denver in my third year. I'm not ashamed, nor do I regret my decision (much). I'm finally going to graduate from college after eleven years when I receive my diploma in baking & pastry this September. I'm a nerd and a perpetual student whose avowed philosophy toward life is breadth, not depth. However, "still waters run deep," and, given then chance, I might just surprise you with the depth of character and intense exchanges I reserve for those with whom I am truly intimate. My sense of humor has been described as "wicked." If that was meant as "mischievous and twisted" or "masterful and deeply satisfying," I leave you to judge, though they need not be mutually exclusive.